3 Things Sellers Can do to Achieve Amazon Listing Optimization


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Recent reports show that Amazon continues to grow its revenue. In 2018, the eCommerce giant registered $178 billion in total revenue. Its growth means that the retailer will continue to create opportunities for online sellers - which translates to stiff competition. 

One way of surviving this competition is Amazon listing optimization . It is important that Amazon sellers are able to create product listings and optimize them in a way that drives traffic to their products and encourages conversion. At the same time, sellers need to understand what their competitors do to boost their sales in the Amazon marketplace.

This article, we look at what product listing and discuss ways through which sellers can optimize their listings to increase sales.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

In online selling, optimization has to do with making items easy to find by those who need them. Amazon optimization services entail the use of potential keywords to increase the ranking of product listings on buyer search. Listing optimization is also about using the right images and product descriptions to increase conversion rates.

What Does Listing of Products Entail?

Product listing involves creating a page for each product that is sold on Amazon. Product lists are made up of details that sellers provide when they list their products for sale. Such product details often include:

  • Titles
  • Images 
  • Features
  • Descriptions
  • Reviews 
  • Ratings

Amazon provides guidelines that sellers should follow when creating their product listings. As sellers create their listings, they should follow best practices to enable ensure high ranking of their products.

How to optimize amazon listings

Optimizing amazon listings ensures that sellers get their products ranking highly on customer searched. There are several ways that sellers can optimize amazon listing: These include:

Using quality images

The images used on product lists should be of high quality and clear. They should be appealing to customers to encourage conversion. At the same time, sellers should use several images as statistics show that top ranking product listings tend to have five to eight images. The images should be taken with clear light on a white background. There are several ways that Amazon sellers can improve the quality of product images. These include:

  • Taking clear close-up shots
  • Avoiding blurred images
  • Making products easy to recognize
  • Ensuring that product images occupy at least 80% of the available space
  • Lighting and focusing the product well

Including Keywords in Product Titles

When crafting product titles, sellers should consider how long the title is. The ideal length is a minimum of 80 characters and 112 characters. To ensure that Amazon algorithms find the product titles, sellers should include top ranking keywords or search terms that customers use in their searches to optimize it. 

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Write Convincing Product Descriptions

Products that rank highly on Amazon searches are those that write creative descriptions and optimize them well. Product descriptions have direct effects on customers. As such, they should be convincing enough to make buyers want to act. Good product descriptions should:

  • Inform buyers how the product can improve their daily lives
  • Why they need to buy it
  • Explain why the product is being sold at the set price

To optimize product descriptions, sellers should:

  • Provide information that relates to the product
  • Include high ranking keywords and phrases in the description
  • Make the descriptions precise and clear
  • Match the description to product images

Using Bullets to Highlight Product Features

Product features make up important elements of item listings on Amazon. To make them easy to read, sellers should organize and present them in bullet points. Product features should highlight aspects that distinguish the product from others in the market and should be convincing and interesting enough to provoke action from customers. The features can be optimized by ensuring that they are not too long - five bullets are sufficient. Sellers can also use top performing keywords in bullet points to boost product ranking.

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It is not in doubt that selling on Amazon is increasingly becoming harder by the day. This eCommerce site has become more competitive as more sellers and customers join the space. Amazon listing optimization is one of the strategies that sellers can use to stay competitive. Optimizing product lists enables sellers to attract more traffic, rank higher on searches and therefore sell more. It is about ensuring that product listings attract organic rankings and boosts sales. Sellers can optimize their listings by using potential keywords to boost their rankings on buyer search and using the right images, descriptions and titles to improve customer conversion rates.

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