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Having a brand with a good reputation is the primary aim of most sellers that use Amazon as a platform to distribute their products. Vendors tend to run into problems with buyers from time to time due to product issues or delivery problems. If you do not act on time to solve issues when facing unsatisfied customer, you might end up receiving negative reviews. To easily solve issues posted by buyers when reviewing a product, it would be vital to learn the different ways on how to check Amazon reviews.

What you need to understand is that sellers depend on reviews to improve their ranking while customers use those reviews to decide on the products to buy. However, some sellers have found ways of making their product to have fake reviews normally rated (5 stars) by someone who did not buy the item but acting on sellers’ behalf. This article assists you in learning more about different ways of tracking item reviews and also the tools you can use to detect fake reviews.

Significance of Amazon Review Checker

Not all the individuals you offer your items will get contented. Some of them would have issues with the final product they receive, some with the customers' support you offer while others might be dissatisfied with the time the shipment took to reach them. However, that should not stop you from striving to offer services that will make your customers satisfied. Sometime you may receive one, two, or 3-star reviews from buyers and feel disappointed. However, you can consider those reviews as your chance to mend and develop your brand reputation. You can use the reviews to advantage your business because you will know the areas that your customers want to be improved.

For Amazon users, detecting fake reviews is very important because most of the time, the fake reviews give a product a false image, and you might end up buying sub-standard products. Many sellers tend to have fake reviews on their product to boost their product visibility, increase sales of their products and also improve their sellers ranking and item ranking. Most of the time Amazon suspends individuals that fake review items when discovered.

The Finest Amazon Fake Review Checker                       

If you are keen, you can easily know the fake reviews and genuine ones. Amazon has some tools that you can use to make your work easy when you want to spot fake reviews on different products.

  • ReviewMeta

With ReviewMeta, you can easily evaluate thousands of reviews and spot the ones to be trusted. You paste the link of an item to the search tool site, and it will automatically display the reviews that pass the threshold, warn you on the ones that you can consider as fake, and lastly mark ‘fail’ to the reviews that are confirmed fake. The tool uses a system that determines its result depending on unverified reviews, the language the reviewers used and how frequently the product received the reviews. It is a convenient tool because one can easily access them on their iPad and laptop and also as a smartphone app.

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  • Fakespot

If you have been doing business on different online platforms like Amazon and eBay, you probably have used Fakespot when trying to examine item reviews on those sites. Just like ReviewMeta, you copy the link to the item you want to purchase to the Fakespot site, and the tool will use its diverse features to look for counterfeit reviews. The tool analyzes reviews according to posted date, frequency, repeated phrases, and verified sales to create a list that shows real and fake reviews. You can use Fakespot as your fake review spotter for free because it comes as an Amazon within reach online tool.

Amazon Review Checker


As a Vendor in Amazon, using Amazon review checker might be helpful, but it does not assure you that all your customers will be fully satisfied. However, it might play a great role in ensuring you communicate effectively with an unsatisfied customer. With Amazon's fake review checker, you can easily know if the reviews of products you wanted to purchase in wholesale are genuine. That will make you avoid purchasing sub-standard products. It is unfair and dishonest to leave fake reviews because both consumers and retailers might make a costly buying mistake when acquiring different products.  

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