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Every business owner always looks forward to their business succeeding online, more so considering that most of the clients of businesses are now online. There are several strategies to achieve online success, and there is no gainsaying that some software tools can go a long way to make the process much easier.

For Amazon sellers, there is a wide array of apps that can help improve the productivity of your business. And while some come in the form of websites or specialized software or application, a number of these software are also available as Amazon extensions. From regular tools to get updates and price insights to Amazon FBA chrome extensions.

What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

An Amazon Extension is simply a browser plugin. While extensions can serve several functions, the primary function of most Amazon Extensions is to help save time, boost sales, show competition, and improve your ranking on Amazon. Some extensions can also help you hasten the process of product research.

Amazon Chrome extensions offer users a lot of benefits. Some extensions help with price tracking, making it easy to get notifications on any changes in the prices of selected products. There are currently several chrome extensions available. Most Amazon software, in order to make them easier to use, now create Amazon Chrome Extensions that serve the same function as the main software itself. However, the extension function might not be as elaborate.

Why do you need Amazon Chrome Extension?

Amazon Chrome Extensions offer users a lot of advantages. More so, with respect to optimizing the sales of their products on Amazon. Some specific reasons why Amazon Chrome Extensions are important to include;

·      To discover new and more profitable products on Amazon

·      Keyword identification

·      Competition analysis

·      Finding opportunities to improve the performance of your products.


Amazon Chrome Extensions You Should Have

There are several Amazon Chrome extensions in use, and getting an extension depends majorly on what you need to do. Several functions perform varying functions. However, here is a list of some must-have Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers.

1.    Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout is a fact-checker software for amazing that gives sellers fantastic insights and provides them with data they can use to make rational decisions about their Amazon businesses. With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can browse through Amazon to obtain information on products of interest to you.

The software offers a wide array of services, from tracking ratings and reviews and sales information. If you’re an Amazon seller looking to take your product to the next level, then the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a must-have.

2.    Helium 10 Plugin

amazon fba chrome extension

This plugin was created by Helium 10, which is one of the most popular software among Amazon sellers. The software offers a wide range of functions as it allows users to track keyword and search term rankings, explore the most profitable products on Amazon, and check out what competition is doing.

3.    AMZScout (PRO)

AMZScout is a premium Amazon Chrome that offers Amazon sellers a lot of benefits. The extension helps to obtain data from Amazon that can help with decision making as regards your Amazon business.

amazon chrome extension

This extension offers insight on your products without necessarily visiting your product’s page. It runs an automated data collection system and is best for comparing data with your competitors. To get the best function of the extension, it is recommended that both the Web app and Chrome extension be used together. Users enjoy amazing functions from using both together

4.    AMZ Seller Browser

The AMZ Seller Browser is another Amazon Chrome extension that helps you get more out in less time, especially with regards to product research and getting information about yours and competitor’s products. The extension is more useful for users that are looking out for new products to sell on Amazon.

amazon smile chrome extension

The extension is compatible with the “camelcamelcamel” extension, which is also called “The Camelizer.” The extension currently comes for free and offers other amazing side benefits to FBA sellers. With this extension, you can also check out other people selling the exact type of product you sell and make necessary comparisons to get data to improve your business on Amazon. 

In conclusion, the right software can go a long way to helping you get the best outcomes as an Amazon seller. Another major perk that comes with using Chrome extensions is that they help to save time in carrying out their functions.  

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